The blame game

Today my son, a freind and myself were out picking up a car with a cardolly.  As we got the car on the dolly and tied down the dolly hitch came loose from the van.  As we were taking the car back off the dolly it jumped forward and broke the back widow.  As we stood there in amazement at the broken window my son said it was our friends falt. the friend cut the strap that held the car on the dolly.  Our friend blamed me and I of course blamed my son. Three hours later and we are still playing the blame game (we are lucky that we know it was a accedent and no ones fault)

It is hard to believe that people have been playing the blame game from the begining of time starting with Adam, Eve, and Satan.   God put a stop to the blame game by telling each what their part was in the offence.  As we look to God for our direction He can help us take the proper accountability for our action and stop the blame game as we walk in this life


About havejesuswillshare

Nazarene Minister, work with senior adults
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