True Christianity

Here I am. It is an odd night when I am by myself in a quite room. The TV is off my wife is sleeping 2 computers are on but neither have speakers that put out any sounds, and I have read as much as my eyes will allow for now. The thoughts of the Prayer of Jabez has been going trough my mind for a few days now “increase my borders”. And the thought of creating a web site has also been a common theme these past few days’ As I pondered these things: it is as if God has asked me “what is a Christian?” I think that if we look at the definition we see that they are those who follow Christ and His teachings. Scripture might reveal something more profound than this, When a man of God’s people asked Jesus what the greatest commandment was Jesus said that it ws to love God with all of your heart, body, soul, and might and to love your neighbor as yourself as the second commandment. In Ex. 20 it says to put God first in everything. As I look at these scriptures I see that for us to be true Christians that our first desire is to have a right relationship with God. Meditating on His words, studying His word, and to speak to Him often. In other words fall deeper in love with Him each day. When I was courting my wife I found it easy to think about her each day and wonder what she was doing when we were not together Most of my waking hours were thinking of her. I also found that when she had written letters to me that I often read them over and over again analyzing each word. When I could I would call her on the phone or visit her in person. Now that we are married not much has really changed, I still enjoy being with her trying to know here better because weather or not I like it she is changing every day; getting older, her abilities are changing her likes and dislikes change her ideas are changing so I need to know what those changes are. I still enjoy spending as much time as I can with her. When I could go to the store by my self I would often ask if she would go with me. When I was courting my wife I often told others about her and often showed affection toward her and now that we are married I still like showing her affection in public. As the family came that love that I have for my wife was poured out on my child, caring for him. As I think on how the relationship is going with my family I start to see how the same principles apply to my relationship with God. I must continue falling in love with God each day. Reading his word to find out what is on the mind of God. What does He like , what does He want me to do , how does He want me to show Him love? I love to think of Him during the day, it helps me to know what He wants me to do. And I enjoy telling others about him and his love for us.


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Nazarene Minister, work with senior adults
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