How to have a great marrage


My wife and I had been to the funeral of a friend, My wife was having a hard time because the husband of our friend was having a hard time with the loss of his wife and returned to the casket a number of times to kiss her and be with her. This also brought back the emotions my wife had of the loss of her own mother not many months prior to this service.

We decided that a ride out in the country side and then some place to get ice cream was in order to cheer her up. So we stopped and picked up our son and headed out of town. We were talking about where we were going to get the ice cream and just having some fun talk. Things were going great for us, we were having fun, my wife was feeling better until all of a sudden a deer ran out in front of us and I hit it. We spent the next few hours waiting for the police to arrive and tag the deer for us and getting it to a friend who would cut it up for us. Needless to say we did not get to the ice cream store that night. We just went to the store where we got things for ice cream sundies for home.

This accident reminded me again of how important it is to pay attention to our driving at all times. We never know what will happen from on moment to the next. A deer in the road, an accident, a flat tire, children run out into traffic or any number of unexpected things could happen. Not only do we need to pay attention to the road but there are other things we need to consider as well, road condition, trip distance, time frame, and if we use road maps, map quest or GPS systems (I’ve seen errors in these) If we are not careful our map system we use can lead us astray. Often times I find that most of those time that I get my self in trouble while driving is because I had lost focus of my driving. It did not always happen at once but often would happen over time. I would get so use to the driving conditions that I would let my mind wonder a little at a time until I had lost focus.

The lesson that I have learned from my driving about staying alert has so many other applications in life. One of those is how do I keep a good relationship with my wife. I need to keep my focus on her needs both physically and emotionally. . I could say a great deal on both of these topics but I won’t drag this out much. I need to make her feel like a Queen and that I am here to serve her. On the emotional side I need to make her feel that she is the most important person in my life, help her to feel secure and protected, and encourage her a lot. This was so easy when we were dating but after the wedding in seemed as thought a switch may have been turned off. With setting up house keeping, work, spending much more time together, and getting so comfortable with each other it was easy to let some things slide and forget about her needs. With all the distractions out there I learned that I needed to put some limits in place and learn to ignore the distractions. I needed to refocus on her needs to make our marriage stronger.

The Bible had much to say about marriage. In Genesis it says that for this reason a man shall leave his mother and father and cleave unto his wife.

We also find that God’s word says: Let not man put asunder (the Marriage),

In the New Testament we are told that wives are to obey their husbands and that men are to love their wives as Christ loves the church.

A phrase that is often quoted is that “a house that is divided can not stand”. This was first stated by Jesus about the kingdom of God but can easily be used of marriages as well. God took marriage to the highest level when He refers to the Church (His People) as His bride. God will always keep His attention on us But can we keep focused on Him? We do not have the ability to keep our attention on God by our own strength but we do Have God to help us.

Think about this; the bible says that when a man and woman come together in marriage they become one flesh That one flesh will be the child of that union. Like wise when we come to Christ we become one with Him and we are a new creation. And are able to have a marriage that will survive 60 years.


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