Be Careful What You Pray For

Was driving by a Catholic Church one day around the time kids were having their graduation parties and say this station wagon that was sashed on both ends. I thought to myself “what type of story can I make about the car” and here it is. The Priest was having a great youth program with more and more youth coming to the services and activities. The Priest decided that he needed to have a large station wagon to carry the kids around in and started to pray to God for that wagon. God was kind and heard his pray but the answer was not what the Priest wanted to hear. God said to the Priest that he needed a compact car rather than a wagon. The Priest was not happy to have a compact car so he continued to pray for the wagon until God said he could have the wagon. The Priest was so exceeded that God was going to give im a wagon until it arrived. God gave him the wagon and the Priest did not have to pay anything for it. It had wood paneling on the sides room to seat 9 (remember them?) and in great shape. The only problem was that when God sent it to the Priest He sent it from Heaven. It must have slipped on of God’s hands because when it came it landed on the front end of the car and then bounced up and came back down on the back of the wagon crushing both the frond and back ends. The priest looked at the car for a while and then said to God “you know I’ve been thinking – maybe it would be better if I had a compact car”/ It might be wise if we are careful what we pray for God might just give us our request only to find out it was not as good a request as we thought it would be. The Israelites prayed for a king and found out this was a mistake. In the New testament it says that we do not have because we ask amiss. The Bible tells us that we are to pray for the will of God and He will answer. As we come closer to God we are able to know What His will is and how to pray in His will. Yjis does not mean that we can not ask for anything of God but that we need to allow His perfect will to be done. Some times His answer will be in our favor and sometimes he will say no to our request. But He knows what His perfect will is and we have to trust that He will be glorified. My prayer for you today is that you will find this an encouragement in your prayer life when God seems to say “no” to your requset and that you will draw even closer to Him today. God Bless you


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Nazarene Minister, work with senior adults
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