Are we wrong to question God?

Are we wrong to question God? Last Sat I lost a great friend. He was only 42 years old, he left a wife and 3 beautiful children. It is times like this that I begin to question who God is and why he would allow something like this to happen. I can not see any good reason for this tragedy nor can I see any good that can come from it. My friend had survived a bout with cancer, married, had three children, (he was told that he may not have children), had a great job, he was highly respected in his professional, personal, and spiritual life. Why did God allow him to die at such a young age? There are a lot of people that have asked the “why” question for a number of reasons and have never been given an answer. In John 11, Mary and Martha asked the same question of Jesus concerning their brother Lazarus. Jesus had told the disciples that Lazarus’ death was so that God could have been glorified. The answer that Jesus gave the sisters was a little different. He said to them; do you believe that I am the resurrection and the life? Do you know that if a follower of Mine were to died physically he would not die spiritually but have eternal life, and if anyone believed in Me he would never die? Jesus was able to use the death of Lazarus as a time to increase the faith of all those present: the sisters, disciples, the mourners, and the other Jews that were close by. Can He increase our faith as well? Mary and Martha were working through the grief they were experiencing. They had prayed for Lazarus to be healed, by sending a message to Jesus. They waited for Jesus to answer and wondered why the answer was not coming. When Jesus did come they blamed Jesus for the death of Lazarus. Could it be that Jesus was waiting for the right time so He could help them increase their faith? Waiting for their attitudes to change, to be receptive to His words, or for the right time to share the gospel message with them. Jesus taught those there that He was the resurrection and the life and that He gives us eternal life while we are living on this earth. But what is there for us? Jesus said that we are to walk in the light so that we will not stumble and that those who walk in darkness will stumble because they do not have the light. When we feel that the darkness is starting to overpower us we need to remember the time we were able to see His light clearly. Remember the promises that He gave us and His movement in our lives. We are to look forward to the promises that he has given us. Not only the promise to be in Heaven but His promise to be with now and to establish our footsteps. Can you think of a time in your life when God was with you? Can you remember a time when God’s guidance, presence or His words came to you in a mighty way. Did God give you a promise just for you? Remember these times hold fast to them, they will hold you through the dark times of your life. He will strengthen us in our dark times.


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Nazarene Minister, work with senior adults
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One Response to Are we wrong to question God?

  1. God gave me a message today to help encourage friends and loved ones of Mark. This post is a sort version of that message and my prayer is that God will continue to encourage everyone that is going through the loss of a loved one

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