Loosing our spiritual edge

 Lately I have been thinking about the change in my eye sight over the last few months. I had known for a number of years that I had cataracts in both eyes, the left eye being slightly worse. In Feb it seemed as though something was growing over my right eye, it almost felt like a grainy substance. I tried to ignore this condition hoping it would go away and it did after the first dr. appointment. What replaced that feeling was a brown curtain that was starting to cover the eye. The regular eye Dr. scheduled an appointment with a cataract surgeon who in turn sent me up to the retina surgeon. The retina surgery was a success but it made the cataract worse (this is normal). Now for the cataract surgery and new glasses. One of the lessons that I learned from this is that the problem started before it was evident, that the right treatment needed to be used and the right Dr needed to be consulted. Also this loss of sight did not happen overnight but took several months or years. Our spiritual life is a lot like the loss of my eyesight. As I lost my eyesight over a period of time and I did not know that I was losing it . We can lose our spiritual life the same way. When we first come to Christ our love for Him is great and we want to know more about Him and share Him with others. We do what we can to learn more about Him by reading His word, having bible studies, praying to Him and attending services. When we have done these activities God will equip us to do His will. In reality doing God’s will starts the moment that we come to put our faith in Him because His Spirit will bare witness with our spirit that we are a child of His. As He equips us we find that God will give us more knowledge of Himself, and give us the boldness that we need to do what He wants us to do. Everyone that I have ever met when they come to Christ want to increase their faith in Him and learn more of Him. The reality is that after a period of time we no longer see them serving God or worshiping God – what happened? Chances are they did not intend to walk away from God, it just happened. They started to lose their spiritual edge in small ways. It may have been a physical problem that kept them from church, or a family gathering, or something concerning work. What ever took them away from their devotion to God was just a little thing, it really did not change their devotion to God at first. As often happens it became easer to miss the Bible reading or prayer time or service after the second and third time it happened. Their faith was still strong but it was starting to miss something. Over a period of time they have noticed that their spiritual edge was missing. What will they do when they notice their spiritual edge is waining? To often they are to embarrassed to admit that they are losing their spiritual sight and then it turns into spiritual blindness. The best plan of action is to do what we do when our eye sight goes bad – seek the right “Dr”. King David encouraged himself in the Lord. Lepers went to Jesus to be healed. Others brought the sick to the disciples. Zacchaeus went to Jesus and Jesus explained how to have a strong spiritual life. We do not have the Disciples or Jesus that we can go to in person anymore but they have past their great wisdom on to others. When we are losing our spiritual edge God has our spiritual Dr. ready to help us. Our first one to go to is the Lord Jesus Christ and He will guide us Mt 6:33. As God guides us He will bring into our lives those that can take us through our spiritual problems. We have it recorded that if any of us lacks wisdom we are to ask for it and God will give us wisdom Jas. 1:5. Some have said that that they have gone so far from Him that God will not accept them but God said that if we call to Him He will in no way turn us away 2Ch 30:9. He knows what we have done and how bad we have gotten and yet He loves us with such love that He does not want us to perish but to live with Him in paradiseJn 3:16. One of my favorite verses is that there is nowhere that we go that God is not there Rom 8:39, His love reaches us in the very depth of our misery. God has also put is our pathway those who are gifted to help bring us back to a vibrant spiritual life, they may be a minister or just a friend that He has given you. Just as we need to seek out early the right Dr. when we are losing our eye sight we also need to seek those who can help us spiritually early as well,


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Nazarene Minister, work with senior adults
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