Discouraged Christians

Sometimes we as Christian wonder if God hears our prayers, or if He is really out there, We become discouraged because the events of our lives are not going the way we had hoped or planed. We might be having trouble with employees, employer or trouble with our work load. Our problem may be the upkeep of our home. The list can be endless. You know what you are facing and that you have taken it to the Lord but have not received an answer on. We know the promises of God, like He will never leave us nor forsake us and ask and you shall receive, but He seems a far way off. We have tried to do all that we can do to get God’s attention, pray, read His word, try to have faith, but there is still no answer. What are we suppose to do? The nation of Israel was in bondage and they were thinking that God had forgotten them also. Isaiah 40 is a message to the Israelites and it starts off with these words “ Comfort, yes comfort My people”. God knew the situation of the Israelites and how they felt He had abandoned them. God wanted them to know that one day their misery would come to an end and they would be excited about life again. As with all of the promises of God there is something that the Israelites needed to do. Verse 3 said to prepare the way for the Lord. In this verse there are two commands for them to obey. The first is to turn from sin and the other is to worship God. These two commands are interrelated in such a way that you can not have one without the other. If the Israelites were to worship God then they could not live in sin. If the Israelites lived in sin God did not honor their act of worship. God called those who lived in sin “adulterous” and therefore would not enter the Kingdom of God. Living a sinless life in it’s self is an act of worship. In verse 31 God said that those who wait on the Lord will mount up on the wings of an eagle. The “waiting” that is done here is with great anticipation of God’s arrival and all the blessings He has to offer. As they wait for God they will be renewed physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Being renewed they will be able to fly like an eagle, high above all their problems and be able to see things more clearly. Although these words were written to the nation of Judah they also have relevance for us today. As we make ourselves ready to receive God, He is ready to pour ot His blessings on us. Rev. 3:20 tells us that if we will open our heart’s door up to Him He will come in and make His home in our hearts. Scripture tells us that we are not good enough to come into His presence on our own power but when we invite Him in He makes us righteous and fit for the Kingdom of God. As we make our path ready for God, His Spirit will dwell with us and He will renew us. He will make us able to mount up on eagles wings which will take us above our trouble here on earth. As we fly like the eagles we will get a better and more complete view of our situation and be able to go through anything with God’s help.


About havejesuswillshare

Nazarene Minister, work with senior adults
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