Lessons learned from watching the river – Strength

 As I was watching the tide go out I noticed that all the boats were facing into the out going tide. As I pondered this it was as if God was saying “this is much like life” we often find ourselves going against the current (having a hard time). Consider this; resistance builds strength. Fish swim up stream to spawn, only those who are strong enough for the swim will arrive at the spawning ground. Many fish will face into the current when they are feeding, they come up behind their prey. Our walk with God will often take us against the current of life. We try to follow the teaching of Christ but there are many who are trying to tell us their idea of what the word of God says. We need to ask “is it the whole word or it is a distortion of what God says?”. Satan is the one who is in control of this world and he is the author of lies. We need to remember he was once an angel of God; listening to God, doing God’s will, learning the ways of God. Satan as an angel was created by God as a perfect being before he tried to take the place of God. When the word of God says that Satan can come as an angel of light, it is saying that Satan comes as if acting on God’s behalf but is seeking those whom he can devour even the very elect. Paul even recognized Satan’s deceptive powers when he said that he kept his body under subjection every day least he becomes a cast away. One of our greatest struggles is that we have been deceived by how close we must live to God. The further we live from God the weaker we become; the closer we live to (with) Him the stronger we become. It is not really our strength but it is our weakness that God becomes strong in us. Consider the boats again that are facing into the tide (current), if left to their own strength they would soon drift and be ship wrecked. With Jesus at the helm, He knows the sand bars, logs, rocks, hidden dangers, and He guides the boat into the current safely. Jesus said to the disciples on the sea of Galilee as they faced the waves “o ye of little faith” if we were to pilot the boat it would not be long before we would hit a hidden danger and be shipwrecked. God will also give us the proper vessel for our storms. A canoe can handle a small wave and a big boat can handle larger storms, and a sea faring ship can handle a hurricane especially with Christ at the helm. How big is your storm? Are you in the right vessel? More importantly is Christ at the helm or are you still in charge of your destiny? May you allow Christ to be your helmsman. He can guide you through your storms of life. As the song says “Jesus take the wheel” and He will guide you safely to the end of your journey.


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Nazarene Minister, work with senior adults
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