Sixteen Turkeys

Sixteen Turkeys

Sixteen turkeys and what do you get

A whole lot of laughter and better yet

(yah, better yet)

Turkey season comes and out folks go,

Camouflage on and a gun in tow.

(yah, that gun in tow)

They rise up early before the turkey can see,

They sit down by a big old tree

(yah, that big old tree)

With that turkey call in their hands

You can’t tell if it’s turkey or man

(oh, yah, turkey or man)

They squeak and squawk and make a lot of noise

It sounds like babies playing with toys

(oh, yah, playing with toys)

The fun begins when old tom calls back

It makes your blood run hot and things like that

(oh, yah, things like that)

Old tom moves in with a fearful eye;

He doesn’t know he’s about to die.

(poor thing about to die)

They move – he’s gone.

They’re bewildered and so forlorn.

(oh so forlorn)

The mind clears, These words they say,

OK, turkey, there’ll be another day.”

(oh, yah, another day)

If you go out courting as most folks do,

I have a word just for you.

(yah, just for you)

With the key in the car and you leave the garage

Make sure it’s not a turkey in camouflage.

(yah, be careful of the turkey in camouflage)


W. C. Haley


About havejesuswillshare

Nazarene Minister, work with senior adults
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One Response to Sixteen Turkeys

  1. This poem was writen by my Father-in-law in the final weeks of his wife’s life. He was trying to bring a little laughter into thier lives.

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