Lesson I have learned from watching the river

 I was watching some kids jump off the dock just having a great time. They seemed not to have a care in the world, they were joking, laughing, teasing each other. Most of us would like to be like these kids; just enjoying life. As I was watching I realized that there were hidden dangers in the river. This river was raised and lowered by the tide which caused the river to have whirl pools and other unseen dangers from the effects of the tide. Although the dangers are there they are for the most part ignored until it is too late and tragedy strikes. Then they ask “why were we not warned?” The game wardens had put out the information, signs were posted of the dangers, but because the water was so inviting, the weather was hot and nothing had happened recently these warnings had been ignored. Our walk with God is much the same way. We have the word of God, we have great preachers that preach the God’s Word, we have great teachers that expounds the word of God and yet we wonder why our lives are in such a mess. Could it be that we have heard these great truths for so long that we have ignored these truths? In our world we live with so many distractions that appeal to us, we often forget about the warnings in God’s Word. How many of us drive to fast until we see the blue lights? How many people have too much to drink and say it isn’t a problem until they have an accident? Are we careful of the shows we watch, music we listen to, the conversations we have? There may be other areas of life that you can think of that you may say it doesn’t really matter. It is true that we do a lot of things in this life that does not matter spiritually. Many think that God’s word is full of does and don’t but if you look into why they are there you will find that it is really about a personal relationship with God. The first commandment (Ex 20: 3) is to have no other god’s before God, Jesus said it this way “love God with all of you heart, body, and soul.” Consider this: there is a way of life that would seem right for us to live but in the end it will lead to destruction. God has given us an instruction manual to live by. He has also told us what will happen if we do not follow it and He has told us what will happen if we do follow His word. The trouble is that we can not live up to the standards that God has set for us on our own power but He has provided the help that we need. God has sent us the Holy Spirit to guide us and direct our pathway. All He asks in return is that we love Him With our body, soul and spirit, and He will guide us around those hazards of life that can destroy us. May your relationship with God grow stronger each day.


About havejesuswillshare

Nazarene Minister, work with senior adults
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