Lessons I learned from watching the river – Guidance

 I was setting by the river the other day just watching the waves. The fog started to roll in and it became harder to see the other bank. The fog had gotten so thick that I was glad I was not on the water, it would not take me long to be grounded. The fog also reminded me of a story that a lobster fisherman had told me. He had been on the water most of the day and was returning home when they were caught in a thick fog. They knew that they were in the right channel but were afraid that they would hit the ledges that were not seen. As one of the steered the boat the other one let down heavy weights on each side of the boat to test the water depth. This helped them tell where the ledges were as well as how close they were to the dock. The pilot of the boat needed someone to guide him safely into port. How often have we found ourselves in a situation where we could have used some type of guide? Maybe it was what to study in college, the new car to buy, or which job to take. What is the correct action for us to take? Sometimes the answers are not that easy for us to know so we make a choice that we think will be best for us. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have someone that knew our future and could guide us in the right way to go? We really do have someone that can guide us into the correct pathways for our lives. In Psalms 32: 8 God says ”I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go : I will guide thee with mine eye.” God knows our future and He knows what will be best for us. He can guide our children in the right career path, or prevent us from buying a lemon. God can even direct us to the perfect spouse (that would be nice). Because children are so different God can also teach us how we should raise and discipline our children. How do we hear the voice of God? God tells us that if we have a heavy load, concern, or dicision to make we should come to Him and He will give us rest (peace over the dicision). He also tells us to be still and know that He is God. In other words to stop worrying over our problem and allow Him to work as only He can work.


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Nazarene Minister, work with senior adults
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