The wise man

Sensible people foresee trouble and hide. Gullible people go ahead and suffer. Proverbs 27:12

  One day dad had sent me out in the pouring rain to bring the cattle in for milking. Sortly after that dad came out in the pickup to get me. No sooner had I gotten into the pickup than it started to hail.

  The road crew was trying to fix the road in which a bridge had been washed out due to the heavy rains we had a few days before. A man in a nice new car came down the road and decided to go around the road crew. A few moments later the driver was very upset because he had run through the barricades and into a deep hole where the bridge had once been. 

  Just as our experiences in life have taught us to avoid many of the dangers in life so the scriptures help us to avoid the traps of sin.

As I was growing up sin was often referred to as the things that we were not to do. The definition of sin in the Bible is not only what we should not do but is anything that distracts us from our relationship with God. A wise man will learn what the temptations are and how to avoid them. Often the temptations seem to be harmless but they are just as destructive as the sin itself in the end because they end in sin. A fullish man pays no attention to the warnings but will continue on a destructive path. Many temptations seem to be a lot of fun, the right path to go, or to help us accomplish or plans. When we give into the temptation we will at some time reap the penalty. We may feel that we are succeeding in this life but we will not be able to inter the kingdom of heaven unless we repent of the sin and flee from the temptations. We need to learn to be wise men. The study of God’s word and a deep relationship with him will make us wise. As we become wiser we will be able to flee more temptations and hide ourselves from trouble.


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