How to be happy

  I was watching a cute movie the other day in witch the woman was always looking out for her own interest. She wanted her food at an exact time and the food had to be just right. She would belittle everyone who worked for her because they could never do things to her satisfaction. She was never happy and she made everyone around her miserable. We can use many terms to describe someone like this but lets be nice and just say that they are totally self centered.

There is another movie (from the previews I have seen) where a man can not say no to anyone. He is always trying to please everyone else. I can only imagine how unhappy this person is because none of his wants or needs are met.

In our world today we have both of these personalities played out. In family life we have those who always want to have the people around them cater to their every wishes and those who want to have peace at all costs. When families take these to the extreme families will dissolve in a short time.

Can we find a solution? Is there a happy middle ground?

The answer may have been around for a long time but we have tried to ignore it. In the Bible; Philippians 2:4 says: “Don’t be concerned only about your own interests, but also be concerned about the interests of others.” Our concerns are important and they need to be addressed to some degree. For us to be happy we must have our concerns, desires, needs met but maybe not all the time. We need to also be concerned about the interest of other people. There are times when their needs may be more important than our own needs. We can see this played out when we watch parents care for the well being of their small children or for a sick child. Maybe it is a friend that has a problem that you may have to change our schedule to help out. When we can balance our needs and at the same time we can help others we become a more contented person and we have made some great friends.

Jesus has given us a great example to live by. He took care of Himself and His needs while at the same time He was able to help those around Him. His main concern was His relationship with the father and then He was able to have the strength to teach others and care for their needs. God has given each one of us special gifts and talents that we need to use to take care of our own needs and then to help those around us. Consider these thoughts. We want to be well liked – choose to like others even the unlikeable. Do you like to teach, then teach others. There are many places that do not require a formal education for this. Are you good at business, others can use your help. Do you love to play music – there are a lot of us who would love to hear you play or sing. Be creative with what God has give you.

May God guide you to those who need your help today.


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Nazarene Minister, work with senior adults
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