What to give thanks for this year

When I was in college many years ago a friend and I were talking about where he would spend eternity. He said that when the time came he was not worried because he was a good talker and he could talk his way out of anything including hell. A college class taught us how to debate and win an argument, but when the time comes what will we say that will get us into heaven?
The truth is that at the judgment seat of heaven our fate will have already been set. The Book of Life will be opened and only those who’s name is found in it will be allowed into heaven. So now the question becomes how do we get our name written in that Book of Life.
In Luke 15: 19 the prodigal son has returned to the father and says to him; “I am no longer worthy to be called your son; make me like one of your hired men.”. This is an act of total humility. This son realized that he was wrong in the way he was living, humbled himself to return to the father and accept a place as a servant. For the act of total humility that the son showed the father accepted him not as a servant but as a son.
This son had rejected all that he had to live on his own. He had rejected the love that his father had to give him, the reputation he had as a family member. He took his inheritance with him. He was now totally on his own to make a new life for himself. In much the same way we are like this son: we have all rejected God the father and have set off to make our own life.
When the time comes what have we done to be able to enter heaven? Many have created a good name for themselves, done great things, and have accomplished much, but is their name written in the book of life?
The only way we can have our names written in the Book of Life is to come humbly before God and say that we are not worthy to be called His child. In Isaiah 64:6 it says that even our own righteousness is as fithy rags to God. As we humble ourselves before god in becomes His grace that he will right our name in the Book of Life. When we walk humble before Him he will not turn us away.
The greatest thing that we can give thank for this year is that God calls us His child and has placed our names in the Book of Life.


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Nazarene Minister, work with senior adults
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